A breakthrough for biofuel

Boosting the energy generated from corn

Finally… a solution that doesn’t cost the earth

Depleting natural resources and the consequences of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions mean that, more than ever, there‘s an urgent need for clean energy solutions that don’t cost the earth. However, when it comes to productivity and cost-efficiency, the biofuels industry has struggled to close the gap on traditional energy sources. As a leading innovator in the ethanol space, DSM was well placed to offer a solution.


Providing an eBOOST™

Producing around 15 billion gallons of ethanol per year, the corn ethanol market in North America is substantial and has immense long-term potential. However, to make biofuel a cost-effective alternative to traditional energy sources, local producers needed a ‘boost’, so DSM’s Bio-based Products & Services business came up with a solution - eBOOST™ - an innovative yeast that improves ethanol yield by significantly increasing the energy generated from corn. As well as increasing ethanol, eBOOST also enhances efficiency by reducing production of the byproduct glycerol. This means the yeast has more carbon available for conversion to ethanol.

Part of the climate solution

Full-scale application trials of our solution revealed that, compared with existing yeast products, eBOOST increases ethanol yields by up to 6% while reducing glycerol production by as much as 75%. For producers, this is a game-changer: a 5% average increase in output allows a typical ethanol plant to produce three million additional gallons of ethanol a year from the same volume of corn. This is the equivalent of opening seven new production plants.


By making biofuel production more efficient and cost-effective, DSM is accelerating the move away from environmentally harmful, finite energy sources. Consuming more oil and gas than any other region, North America is the logical launch pad for our solution. And, given the region’s significant ethanol output, even a small increase in overall productivity can help tip the balance toward a more sustainable energy future. But this is just the start: our technology has the potential to help drive the clean-energy transition of countless other major fuel-intensive economies, including Brazil, China, Europe and India.


With the launch of eBOOST, we have significantly strengthened our position in the bio-ethanol market. It represents an important milestone in our push to drive efficiency throughout the biofuels industry worldwide with our yeast and enzyme technologies. As per our long-term vision, we will continue to move forward by further developing our technological capabilities in cellulosic ethanol. Our overall objective is to assume a global biotechnology leadership role in the corn and cellulosic ethanol segments.

Biofuels open for business

Starch conversion

Innovative eBOOST™ yeast solution for starch conversion in dry and cream forms provides ethanol producers with consistent, increased ethanol yield while significantly reducing glycerol formation.

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Biomass conversion

Yeast and enzyme solutions for biomass conversion, including its unique and sustainable on-site manufacturing of enzymes.

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