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Championing food and beverage fortification

Mexico is one of the largest soft drink consumers in the world, while consumption of junk and fast food is also prevalent. To avert a public health crisis, the Mexican government legislated to remove excess fats, sugars and salts from high-calorie food and beverage products.


Unfortunately, this also triggered the reformulation of consumer products and, in some cases, negatively impacted the application of essential nutrients and minerals by the food and beverage market. DSM's Human Nutrition & Health business in Mexico championed the need for fortified foods to support the nutritional requirements of society’s most vulnerable consumer groups.

Unravelling the myths

DSM’s team in Mexico made the decision to highlight the importance of fortified foods and the consequences of defortification. As part of its approach, the team identified costs and aspects of clean label misinformation as key drivers of the defortification trend. Added to this, it was sometimes assumed that the public lacked awareness around the added value of food fortification. Using digital and social media, we found that, in reality, 91% of Mexico’s mothers supported fortification and 74% sought to nurture their children with fortified food.

Taking responsibility

Scientific evidence and national data clearly identified micronutrient deficiency as part of a public health issue in Mexico (eg prevalence of anaemia in pre-school age children was 23.3% while 25.9% suffered from vitamin D deficiency, according to the 2012 ENSANUT national survey of health and nutrition trends) and drew on the World Health Organization’s mandate that food manufacturers have a role in driving public health and corporate social responsibility. Through a multi-level approach we drove ownership of the issue throughout the value chain. 


We have been able to tackle this country’s challenges by promoting fortification throughout the food and beverage categories. In doing so, we have ensured that many vulnerable groups are in a position to benefit from vital micronutrients and have access to healthy nutrition.


As a thought leader, we worked together with our main customers to stimulate fortification and promote the nutritional value of their brands. Leveraging all of the knowledge and technical expertise available across DSM, we were able to educate the educators and support our direct customers with fresh consumer insights linked to their brands and strategies around food and beverage fortification. By doing this, we support our customers in finding adequate nutritional solutions. In this way, DSM has been repositioned as a credible and value-adding partner that takes care of consumers’ wellbeing by helping them to eat healthier.

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